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The very first Tiki carved on stage at an APE show by Crazy Al was born from an eight foot post propped up against the left side of the stage when the band opened for Link Wray at the infamous Mick’s Lounge in San Francisco. Following the success of that performance modifications were added, non-of which included safety glasses.  


The third APE Tiki was created when Crazy Al and APE performed with Preston Epps at the Planet Tiki concert. This time Crazy Al used a palm log for his live performance along with a rickety, old, reconfigured keyboard stand to support it. This ‘mod’ gave him more freedom to carve-in-time with the band while enthralling the attendees with his mad-man antics. A loud gasp swept through the audience that night when his ‘vintage’ ax head flew off the handle and skidded across the stage. Two improvements were immediately made after this exciting show: a one piece ax and the ever so reliable ‘APE Crate’ which has become the cornerstone of every APE show since. Safety first!


The gallery below showcases some of the numerous tikis that artist Crazy Al has created live with APE. Enjoy with Caution!

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