Releases August 14, 2020

APE confirms the upcoming release of their much anticipated record “SUPERSONIC”on Bird Records. This sweeping, yet intimate album of original APE compositions can best be described as Exotica Rock. The Deluxe Vinyl comes in 5 color choices, each in a limited edition of 100. The Double ‘A’ side 45 single of “Squid” and “Snark” comes in two color choices, each in a limited edition of 250.

Here are a few things people are saying about APE’s NEW album Supersonic and their 45 single:

“Ape is my favorite new band of this century.“

–Joel Selvin, Pop Music Poobah

“I love the fu©# out of this!“

–Sammy Hagar

“EL BORRACHO is totally cool. Kinda reminds me of the Beatles


–George Michalski, I’m an APE-head!!!!

“Ape sings with the soul of an island castaway, and that island has a

land-bridge from Jamaica to Kauai.“

–Mason Bates

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If you were a time traveler lucky enough to hang out with Robert Mitchum in some ‘50s tiki bar, you could do worse than have Jungle Gems as the soundtrack to your misadventures. This basement recording is pleasingly evocative, yet simultaneously tough sounding–there’s a subtle intensity that prevents the songs from being Island lullabies or background music for Hawaiian travelogues. I’m sure Bob would be tapping his foot, nursing his drink, and not thinking about fighting–which might get you back to the future with your nose on straight, and you can thank the Ape boys for that.


The Steel-guitar performances by Eric Rindal and Frank Novicki are marvelously slinky and drenched in island pathos. Their ukulele parts are uplifting and aggressively propulsive, and Mitch Tobias’ electric guitar solos evoke all the mystery and funk of Caribbean hoods and fearless surfers. Get this for the fun and vibey instrumentals. Tiki-rific! Simian. 



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