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The last 12 APE Fez Mugs are being sold to create revenue to support the brand new APE album ‘Supersonic’ and 45 with 12 original APE songs.


APE Fez Mug details: Holds 16 ounces, Height 6.5 inches, Width 4 inches.


Released in 2004 as an edition of only 250 ceramic lidded mugs. However, because of factory production issues, the run was cut short of the planned 250 by Tiki Farm. That means there are less than 250 APE Fez Mugs made! 


Crazy AL Evans (the Tiki Carver of the Band) created the original Master Sculpt for the APE Fez Mug. Subsequently, he started hand glazing just a few ‘full color’ Custom Deluxe Glossy Mugs. These numbered less than 56 between the years 2004 and 2007. Starting off at $84.95 they jumped astronomically each after many successful Ebay auctions at the time. 

Many of Crazy Al’s one of a kind glazed mugs have sold for well over $800.00. 


Held back to just NOW! The last 12 APE Fez Mugs are now offered the public in an edition of 12.

03 APE Fez Mug (Raffle #3)

  • This mug is available by raffle only. You‘ll have a 1 in 10 chance of winning! These mugs are normally $399.99 each. This 3rd mug raffle will be held once we receive 10 entries. At that point each ticket holder will receive an invitation to the Zoom raffle where they can watch the drawing live. Please note that the 1st mug and 2nd mug raffles sold out in approximately two weeks. There are only 4 of these mugs left that could be raffled. Best of Luck!

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